• Connect with peoplehelping you forward

    Connect with people
    helping you forward

    Welcome to the world's premiere community for goal achievement.

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  • Turn motivation into behaviour.

    Turn motivation
    into behaviour.

    Enjoy tools, courses and coaching to
    connect your everyday behaviour to your long term goals.

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  • Grow as leader, coach,friend and person.

    Grow as leader, coach,
    friend and person.

    Learn how to best help your friends or team to reach their goals,
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Get Sprifed!

Sprife yourself

Sprife will help you connect your actions to your personal goals, making sure whatever you do it supports YOUR agenda. Use it to define and prioritize your efforts, then connect with people that wants to help.

Sprife your team

Do you have the tools to connect your strategy to the personal goals of each team member? Whether it's at work, in sports or at school, Sprife will help you grow a highly motivated, innovative and fiercely loyal team.


Sprife Enterprise will help leaders in your organisation continuously coach people to succeed while giving you live-updated, crowd-assessed performance data for effective planning, recruiting and decision-making.

Sprife your clients

Whether you are a business-, sports-, study- or health coach, a Sprife Coach Membership gives you access to new clients and an extended set of coaching tools for your next session. You even get your own blog!

Welcome to Sprife

It's established science since the early 1930's and elite athletes has gone all-in for decades – you will reach any developmental goal faster and more reliably with the help of a more capable peer. No athlete has won an Olympic gold medal without a coach. Ever. But who's helping you become the best you can be at the things you want to be great at?

Sprife is a community where you connect to peers, experts, mentors and coaches to release your full capacity. Use it individually to reach your goals faster, or at your workplace, school or sports club to link each individual's personal goals to team goals, resulting in high motivation and top performances.

It is not about doing more or even work harder, it is about prioritizing the things that takes you where you want to go. About superior priorities in life – or Sprife for short.

Pre-release registration

The Sprife community app and website are in early stages of development, but if you find what we do interesting, please join our Early Achievers Club to learn more about Sprife and keep up to date on our progress. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to learn more.

Essence of Sprife

  • A community for goal achievement and knowledge transfer
  • Connects you with mentors & coaches to release your full capacity
  • Available on all devices, everywhere, whenever you need it

1. Define success

What is success to you?
Sprife helps you define what success is to you. Create goals that YOU want to acheive – improve your leadership skills, increase your creativity or become a better parent. It's your Sprife. You decide.

2. Connect

Peers, tutors, mentors and coaches
The stats are clear. If you truly want to achieve something the chances of success is much higher if you have someone to help you. Sprife connects you with people who will help you succeed.

3. Progress

Track progress and get feedback.
Sprife helps you to keep daily focus on your goals, making sure that the things you do are aligned with where you want to go. Track your progress and get valuable feedback to speed up your results.

Turn motivation into behaviour

In work, school or private life, your level of motivation is a decisive factor to the value you create for both yourself and others. Continously confirm that the time you put in aligns to the things that you are passionate about.

Using Sprife

...at work

Move on from insufficient annual performance reviews and build more meaningful relationships with the members of your team. Start consider their individual goals in your decision-making and you will soon get a highly motivated, fiercly loyal and top performing team.

...for health & wellness

Getting energized while balancing work, health and private life is a struggle to most of us. Connecting to a personal trainer, nutritionist or mental coach can make a big difference. Why not connect to all three for maximum impact? Maybe add a financial advisor, a relationship expert or a dog trainer as well? Just check the peer ratings and decide which ones you like. What previously felt like a mountain to climb is now getting a whole lot easier.

...for learning & tutoring
People in learning situations are four times more likely to adopt a newly learned skill or behaviour if they have a coach or more capable peer to support them. Use Sprife in schools, conferences and other learning situations to individualize the learning experience and improve the end result of your training. Connect participants with experts, mentors, tutors or each other to prolong the learning experience and bridge the gap between classroom and work/life.
...in sports
Most elite sport clubs already work with individualized coaching. Physical-, nutrition- and mental guidance are frequently used to bring the best out of the athletes. With Sprife, coaches and athletes on all levels can enjoy structured support from team members, club staff and expertise within the global Sprife community to suitably cover each team member's coaching needs, boosting both motivation and results.

Join the early achievers' club

We just got this project started, but if you find Sprife interesting please join our group of early achievers! We promise not to spam you, but we will send you regular updates and early access to new areas and tools, looking for volontary input and feedback. In return, you get the first year's membership free once we are properly up and running. The offer is valid for the first 200 members only, so don't wait!

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